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To make it easier for you, please have a look at ALL of the following samples. Most probably your upcoming question during developing with WinLIKE will be answered here. Please see the source code of the samples and the associated files to learn how you can define and use the many features of WinLIKE.
Now move your mouse over the screenshots and get a short description of the samples. Then simply click to start.

Here we go with the main view of the WinLIKE Editor and two important tutorials.

Start the WinLIKE Editor here! Learn about the WinLIKE Editor Learn about simple Links to windows

The following samples show the basic possibilities of WinLIKE.

Every window can have various properties Windows can have different skins Windows can behave like tables Different languages on one site without Unicode Some overlapping samples Change the background page Explains the maximizing feature Save a whole site with a single Link Direct Link to deep window content Windows have their own Back and Forward buttons WinLIKE is compatible with Webparts and Dashboards Also load ActiveX or other applets Color your scrollbars More working space on one page Skin with an added help icon Standard HTML functions like modal dialog Open windows with Flash Saving windows to a Cookie Saving window automatically to a Cookie Limit window moving and resizing Windows snapping into an area No errorpage redirect

These samples show how to develop with WinLIKE.

Great transparency of windows Learn about Links and windows Submit data via Forms within windows Submit from one window into another Submit from Body into a window Special workaround Summary if submit samples Windows can contain dynamic menus Loading content over http:// Different methods to set a window title Script your windows with the API Develop a WinList to get a good overview WinLIKE in a Frame Frames in a window Accessing a window per Javascript Change Links during runtime Two Events from windows Handle all Events Special minimize behavior of windows Docking windows View the[] array Define your own browser event handlers How to work with sessions in PHP

Here we show some more complex and concrete application samples.

ASP.NET integration of WinLIKE Drag&Drop icons within windows How to store user windows on hard disc (PHP) How to store user windows on hard disc (ASP) Recieving data without window reload